Screenwriting Software

A lot of people like to share the tired axiom that Final Draft is some sort of industry standard within Hollywood, and those people are sadly full of shit, in fact what ever sadder is that some of them are full of Final Draft discount vouchers which earn them referral fees. What’s the best screenwriting software out there? It’s whatever brings out the best in us as individuals. Seriously, anyone who claims one piece of screenwriting software is the best is a weapons grade ass clown who needs throwing into the ocean.

I bounced around a few different bits of screenwriting software and my happy place is writing in Scrivener. I only know that because I took the leap and tried the demo. I can only validate that because I went out of my comfort zone to try other options. Given that screenwriting software is so insanely easy to pickup and use, we really owe it to ourselves to experiment with what’s out there. And of course, if anyone derives comfort from using the often touted industry standard, then good for them.

It’s also worth noting that pretty much everything out there is cross-compatible, so no writer should fear they can chose the wrong software to work with. Plus it takes about five minutes to pickup and learn a new program. Seriously there’s nothing to fear, people make way too big a deal about this.

I will point out though, for those who don’t have money to spend, that free screenwriting software options include Trelby, Raw Scripts.comWriter DuetHighland 2, and WriterSolo.

PLEASE NOTE: Celtx are requesting writers no longer use their now discontinued but free to install desktop apps as there are seeing scenarios where data loss can occur.

As far as other options go, here are links to some free demos in no particular order and without agenda;