Having started writing in 2012 and with over 20 script options in 5 countries, I now collaborate with filmmakers all over the world. Three things motivate me; ambitious teamwork, strong friendships, and a drive for equality. If you share these values, I'd love to join forces.

My writing, which has been spotlit by Amazon Studios, The Blacklist, Simply Scripts, and Shootin' The Shorts, has a down and dirty tone and often features strong female leads. If that appeals, then you can read my scripts right now by using the menu at the top of the page. Please note, I also offer my short scripts for free to help support up and coming talent. Feel free to reach out and connect with me on any platform, and be sure to check out my guest blogs on Stage 32.

​In 2016, I started a script hosting website called Script Revolution, offering most of the benefits of sites such as the Blacklist and Inktip but with none of the costs. The site is now the fastest growing script database on the net with an average of 100 scripts uploaded by writers and 200 scripts downloaded by readers per month on average.

I'm based on the UK, very open minded, and I'm all about the love. It doesn't matter to me if it's Tarantino or Twilight, I always try to look for the good in everything. When I'm not writing, I like cooking for my girlfriend, working on cars, and gardening. We house share with two cats called Cookie and Java, the former of which has ironically become a diabetic while the latter goes by the internet moniker Thriller Kitty.

What They're Sayin'

"Remember when Tarantino first exploded on the scene? No, we don’t mean Inglourious Basterds, or Django, either. No, we’re talkin’ real classics: Pulp Fiction level quality. Quirky dialog that blew your mind. Gritty characters that popped right off the screen. Cinematic mainline stuff that left you begging for more."
- Janet Goodman Clarke, Shooting the Shorts

Writes Lots Of Female Leads

Over 20 Script Options

5 Scripts Produced

Featured by Amazon Studios

Guest Blogger For Stage 32

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3 Blacklist Spotlights

Based in the United Kingdom