Short Scripts

Devil’s Little Angel – Crime Horror Thriller

Enslaved by her therapist and forced to kill, a girl fights to shake his hold over her mind and spare the life of a visiting female detective.

19pp | Read Now

Gash Bandits – Crime Drama Thriller

When they stop to fix their get-a-way vehicle, two runaway sisters must tackle both love at first sight and the bounty hunters hot on their tail.

7pp | Read Now

Stuck Together – Drama Thriller

Two female musicians find themselves in a surreal mental state that drags up dark events from their psyche when they get their car stuck in the desert badlands.

20pp | Read Now

Blackpool Pleasure – Crime Drama

A young druggy chasing the ultimate high and avoiding the pornstar she’s stolen from is faced with a disgraced friend in need of her charity.

18pp | Read Now

El Paso Loco Luchadoras – Crime Comedy

When they impersonate a notorious female gang during a convenience store robbery, two wannabe crooks must face-off with the very legends they are trying to imitate.

7pp | Read Now

Cotton Mouth Coed – Crime Drama

Knowing she has a bounty on her head, a small time college cannabis dealer tries to convince a close friend to keep her business going so she can go into hiding.

7pp | Read Now

Impala Cholas – Crime Drama

Presented with a seemingly innocent young girl looking to buy a gun from her, a ruthless gang leader has to choose between easy money and tough love.

7pp | Read Now

Oversteer – Crime Drama

The surviving gang members of a car crash find their only salvation may be to kill the good samaritans that have offered their hospitality.

10pp | Read Now