Short Scripts

Shorts are offered under the following terms and conditions;

  1. FREE NON-EXCLUSIVE OPTION – Ideal for students.
    1. A free option is only offered in exchange for a non-exclusive option.
    2. “Written by” credit is clearly granted to myself “CJ Walley”.
    3. I retain all the rights to the story and characters, allowing me to use the premise for any further scripts.
    4. You, the optionee, retain all rights to any completed film.
    5. Any lead female characters are retained as female characters into production and not replaced with male characters. We need more women on screen playing strong female roles.
    6. If you would like the script rewritten to suit your logistics, I am consulted on all changes and retained as the lead writer.
  2. $100 EXCLUSIVE OPTION – Ideal for festival entrants.
    1. An exclusive option is subject to a $100 USD payment and only available on un-produced scripts.
    2. “Written by” credit is clearly granted to myself “CJ Walley”.
    3. I retain all the rights to the story and characters, allowing me to use the premise for any further scripts.
    4. You, the optionee, retain all rights to any completed film.
    5. Principle photography must start within twelve months or the option will expire and be subject to a new agreement.


Cotton-Mouth-CoedCotton Mouth Coed – Crime Drama

Knowing she has a bounty on her head, a small time college cannabis dealer tries to convince a close friend to keep her business going so she can go into hiding.

7pp | Read Now

Gash Bandits – Crime Drama Thriller

When they stop to fix their get-a-way vehicle, two runaway sisters must tackle both love at first sight and the bounty hunters hot on their tail.

7pp | Read Now

Oversteer – Crime Drama

The surviving gang members of a car crash find their only salvation may be to kill the good samaritans that have offered their hospitality.

10pp | Read Now


Impala Cholas – Crime Drama

Presented with a seemingly innocent young girl looking to buy a gun from her, a ruthless gang leader has to choose between easy money and tough love.

7pp | Read Now

Lombard-Street To A China Orange – Crime Thriller

When a rag-tag gang of London City robbers decide to hold up a trading office, they face off with criminals far darker than themselves.

8pp | Read Now

Blackpool Pleasure – Crime Drama

A young druggy chasing the ultimate high and avoiding the pornstar she’s stolen from is faced with a disgraced friend in need of her charity.

18pp | Read Now

Manhattan-MadamManhattan Madam – Crime Drama

Following a violent fight, a bordello madam faces off with a fearsome customer and finds herself torn between securing future profits and protecting her staff.

10pp | Read Now

Traumatic-DisorderTraumatic Disorder – Suspense Thriller

A hiker in the Mojave Desert runs into a soldier who believes she’s back in the combat zone. An insight into her life shows she’s suffering from PTSD.

8pp | Read Now

Eve-&-AdamEve & Adam – Web Series Sitcom Pilot

A couple struggle with gender stereotyping when their TV repair guy turns out to be the last thing they expect, a woman.

6pp | Read Now

Blue Monday – Drama

A suicidal woman visits her favourite place to say goodbye to the world only to run into four other people who want to do exactly the same.

9pp | Read Now

By-GodBy God – Crime Drama Thriller

Handcuffed to a bag of explosives and reflecting on a hostage situation gone awry, a white supremacist woman and Arab man debate their potential afterlife.

Under option to Vikram Vetrivel

Black SUV – Paranormal Thriller

A secret service agent is forced to question her morality when she realises the mysterious man she’s assigned to protect is pure evil.

Under option to Kareem Gladden

RottenRotten – Horror Thriller

Two young women drifting in the post apocalyptic Australian wastelands must come to terms with their humanity when they’re chased by a mutated monstrosity.

Under option to Lucas Scheffel

Blizzard-VixensBlizzard Vixens – Crime Thriller

While in the middle of a ransom deal, a small time assassin finds herself torn between protecting a long-lost lover and betraying her ruthless partner in crime.

Under option to Nicolas Beauchemin

Stone-Cold-SoberStone Cold Sober – Drama Thriller

When a man confronts a woman that’s tailing him, he learns she’s his future daughter who knows about an awful crime he’s yet to commit.

Under option to Joshua Kimbrough (The Las Vegas Film Collective)

Devil's-Little-AngelDevil’s Little Angel – Crime Horror Thriller

Enslaved by her therapist and forced to kill, a girl fights to shake his hold over her mind and spare the life of a visiting female detective.

Under option to Kiarra “KB” Barthelemy