23 Love Story Types

Here is the best list of love story types I have been able to put together. There may be more, I wouldn’t know, I’m a crazy cat man,

  1. Love at first sight
  2. Love that complicates a personal journey
  3. Love that’s forbidden
  4. Love found despite hate
  5. Love blossoming from friendship
  6. Love triangle
  7. Love affair
  8. Love for someone who is in disguise
  9. Love for someone from a different background
  10. Love complicated by baggage
  11. Love complicated by distance
  12. Love seemingly not reciprocated
  13. Love in denial
  14. Love born out of passion
  15. Love that seems too sweet
  16. Love for someone who is a complete opposite
  17. Love for someone who is very similar
  18. Love for a partner in crime
  19. Love both fuelled and compromised by drama
  20. Love arranged
  21. Love as a new concept
  22. Love that’s long-term
  23. Love for someone nearly lost