My Turn & Burn Story Structure Has Made The Story Structure Countdown

In my first couple of years writing, when reflecting on my first few scripts, one of by biggest weaknesses I identified was my understanding story structure. I just couldn’t get my head around it. It was like trying to learn a new language, with a new alphabet… and with a few more phonetics thrown in too.

Chatting in the Stage 32 Screenwriting Lounge gave me chance to connect with some really accomplished writers who passed on craft advice and recommended books to read. Well, I studied like crazy and reflected for months. I eventually got my head around it all and started looking at different story structures. Around then, someone shared this amazing countdown of all the different story structures out there by Greg Miller. It’s a list I’ve frequently shared with other writers as evidence all story structures are really different viewpoints on the same concept – here it is

Since then, I couldn’t stop thinking about structure and how to make it easier for someone else to get their head around. How to create a template that I myself could easily follow and reflect upon. I developed a new system called Turn & Burn – named after the five simple act themes Yearn, Turn, Burn, Learn, Earn – I guess it works, since I have optioned in the region of 20 scripts since.

Well today, just in fact, I learned that Turn & Burn is now included on that very list I first read and have shared so eagerly since.